御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~  3.0.3 MODs APK [Unlimited money] Download (100% Working,)

御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~ 3.0.3 MODs APK [Unlimited money] Download (100% Working,)

Game Information of 御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~

App Name 御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~
Package Name com.dmm.games.oshirore
Version 3.0.2
Rating ( 8187 )
Size 19.5 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3+
Updated 2021-03-23
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Simulation

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Description of 御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~ Download modded games on android - android1.com







■御城プロジェクト:RE ゲーム紹介






“Ojo Project: RE (Castle Pro: RE)” is a fortress x training x tower defense RPG made by beautiful girls who defends the main line from the approaching enemy (兜).

A full-fledged game combining diverse genres, such as strengthening and nurturing unique girls, and strategic game features unique to Tower Defense RPG!

■ Game Story
At the time of the Warring States period, the battle of Sekigahara, the division of the sky, is over,
The world of peace is about to begin now …

However, the wishes of the people were crushed by the odd-shaped corps corps.
Human beings were powerless to the evil spirits who repeatedly mercilessly killed.

The only hope is the girls born from the desire to protect people.

The name is Castle Girl.

■ Ojo Project: RE game introduction
▼ Castle Personification Real Tower Defense
・ The tower defense RPG which achieved innovative evolution!
・ The battle of the glow of strategy overflows! Easy but deep strategy!
・ Find out the right strategy, such as organization, placement, hugeness, timing of use, etc., and win the battle!
・ All battles are high quality and cute dot pictures move and fight!

▼ Over 250 castles in Japan and overseas
・ Deep ties with colorful castle girls and get victory!
・ There are over 250 castle girls who will be friends in the game!
・ Not only Japan, but also overseas castles are anthropomorphic and appear as castle girls!

▼ Deepen the bond with the castle girl! !
・ When giving a gift to the castle girl, the castle girl becomes stronger with rising preference.
・ Even with Castle Musume occurs every time the aptitude goes above a certain level!
・ Event is prepared for all castle girls!

▼ All castle daughter, with voice by luxurious voice actors!
Onjo Project: A number of luxurious voice actors appear on RE!
Including Erika Nakamura who plays Osaka Castle, Yui Ogura who plays Nagoya Castle,
Sakura Tange (Prague Castle), Mamiko Noto (Himeji Castle), Yui Horie (Juraku No. 1),
Asumi Reina (Inuyama Castle), Inoue Marina (Neuschwanstein Castle),
Sayaka Ohara (Azuchi Castle), Rie Kugimiya (Shetsugu Fushimi Castle), Ayana Taketada (Forbidden City)
Many popular voice actors are in charge of character voice.

▼ Recommended for people like this
・ I like beauty girl × RPG
・ I like the training game
・ The fan of the Mijo project
・ I like popular girl games
・ I like the girl character
・ I like the free girl development game
・ I like the anthropomorphic girl development game
・ I like Tower Defense RPG
・ I want to foster pretty girls
・ I am looking for a serious tower defense RPG
・ I am looking for a girl development game with my favorite voice actor
・ I want to enjoy Tower Defense RPG for free
・ I want to enjoy the beautiful girl × tower defense RPG
・ I want to enjoy the game of Mijo × Pretty
・ We want to train a pretty girl for free and enjoy the event
・ I want to enjoy tower defense RPG with many popular voice actors
・ I want to enjoy the scenario where the beautiful girls appear for free
・ I like popular RPG and girl development games
・ I want to enjoy the story of the beautiful girls
・ I want to enjoy arranging a pretty girl with full-scale tower defense
・ I want to play a game that combines Tower Defense and RPG

■ Recommended environment
OS: Android 4.4.2 or higher
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 2GB
Storage capacity: 3GB
※ It becomes free space of storage required at the time of installation of application.
※ Required space may increase in the future.
※ Because large capacity communication occurs while the app is operating,
We recommend communication in a Wi-Fi environment.

■ Disclaimer
1. For problems other than recommended terminals and recommended OS, support is not available.
2. The operation may be unstable even with the recommended terminal / OS depending on the environment you use.

Game Id: com.dmm.games.oshirore

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